Hi there, welcome to Windysmith Photography

for those that don't know me my name is Gayle.

My passion for photography didn't really start until my own kids left school

and I suddenly found myself with not a lot to do so it was then decided that

I would take myself off to universitydo a degree in Photography

and I can safely say that I have never looked back,

I had previously done a couple of courses at college in the evenings when

my kids were younger but only dabbled in family pics and landscapes while on holidays etc.

It wasn't really until I finished my degree that I decided to mainly concentrate on

Newborn babies and children’s photography, while this is still my passion I have diversified over the

past few years and have worked alongside some very talented musicians working on

promotional materials for posters, album covers etc. I have also had the fortunate

opportunity to work with some models and dancers creating beautiful images

for their promotional stuff. I am definately looking forward to more

in the future.

I am very fortunate to have a purpose built studio at our home allowing me to

dedicate my time to both work and family on a daily basis.

I have various props,

backdrops etc. for use in the studio and love coming up with new ideas and set ups.

I love to work alongside my clients making their visions come to

reality and creating beautiful lasting memories.

"We don't remember days we remember moments"

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